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black soy sauce, dark soy sauce

Dark Thick Soy Sauce, 19 oz bottle

Also known as "black" soy sauce. Used in a variety of Thai recipes, see some sample links below and see our video: Pad Thai made by a street vendor in Thailand using dark thick soy sauce and our video of stir fried seafood with Thai basil.

Dark soy (in Thai, siu-dahm) is opaque, black, and viscous. The most prominent characteristic is the dark color and the taste of palm sugar molasses (when the sweetness is removed from palm sugar, the remaining molasses is added to this soy sauce to create a very unique, wonderful flavor). Not nearly as sweet as sweet soy.

We are now shipping Healthy Boy brand, as shown. It is packed in a plastic bottle. The best dark thick soy sauce. Made using the natural fermentation method. Please see our feature story on how soy sauce is made.

Ingredients: soya bean, rice starch, sugar, salt, water, sodium benzoate. Product of Thailand.

$5.69, 1 bottle thick soy sauce, 19 oz
Special Offer: 4 Pack. You get 1 bottle each: sweet soy, thin soy, dark thick, and yellow bean sauce.
$19.85, 4 Pack Assorted Soy Sauces
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