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Holy Basil Seasoning Paste, Lobo
Holy Basil Seasoning Paste, from Lobo
This tasty seasoning is ordered over and over again by our regular customers. Conveniently packaged in the vacuum pack bag is a special blend of spices.

Simply get out your wok or skillet, add this packet together with 3 tablespoons vegetable oil and fry until an incredibly fragrant aroma fills your kitchen. Then add your favorite meat and/or vegetables, cook and serve with fresh jasmine rice. Terrific! The flavor is the perfect combination of basil and a spicy hint of heat from the chile. Each packet has enough to make one large serving.

Ingredients: Chilli, soy sauce, holy basil leaves, onion, soybean oil, garlic, sugar, salt (no msg, artificial color or preservatives). Product of Thailand.

We also recommend a similar basil paste from Mae Pranom brand.

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