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all natural coconut cream
NEW: All Natural Coconut Cream, Preservative-Free, Aroy-D
We have been offering preservative-free all-natural coconut milk, with excellent results. Everyone loves it. Now we have the same all-natural coconut cream in a large (33.8 oz) box.

This is the thickest part of the coconut milk, often used for desserts, but very similar to coconut milk. If you add just a touch of water, it is identical to coconut milk. See our video: how coconut milk is made. For great results, add just a touch of coconut cream to tom yum or panang.

Recommended by Bon Appétit in their January 2012 feature "Thai Food 101".

Made to the highest standard by Aroy-D. Packaged in a modern paper carton (BPA free, made by SGI Combibloc of Switzerland). One of these boxes has 2090 calories! Nutrition Facts: Servings per container, 11. Serving size 1/2 cup. 190 calories per serving. 170 calories from fat. Total fat 19 gm. Saturated fat 17 gm. Transfat 0 gm. Cholesterol 0 mg. Sodium 11 mg. Total carbohydrate 4 gm. Dietary fiber 2 gm. Sugars 2 gm. Protein 1 gm.

Packaged in a modern paper carton, the shelf life is one year, currently shipping new stock with expiration date January 2016. Consistency is very creamy. We also offer all natural coconut milk.

Ingredients: coconut cream 100%. NO preservatives or additives. Product of Thailand.

1 box (large) 33.8 oz Aroy-D All Natural Coconut Cream, $6.89
We also offer coconut cream in 14 oz cans
Also see our coconut cream powder
Feature Recipe: Thai Coconut Rice. Jasmine rice prepared with Aroy-D coconut cream, as featured in "Thai Food 101, Bon Appétit magazine, January 2012". Delicious rice with a nice consistency, with crunchy bits of caramelized coconut cream mixed in.
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