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Bangkok Vendor Offers BBQ Red Pork in Gravy

Bangkok Vendor Offers BBQ Red Pork in Gravy



This vendor is part of our comprehensive report on the outstanding food finds in Bangkok's Saochingcha area.

This shop's name is "Niyom Pochana", which means "Popular Nourishment". As the location is on Mahannop Road, where every shop offers outstanding, fresh, street-level cuisine, Niyom Pochana has to be good in order to stay in business. We love the quality and flavor of the food at Niyom Pochana, and you will too.

As you will notice from the constant stream of locals coming to eat here, or order for takeaway, this guy does a high volume. All for good reason, the specialty "moo daeng" (red pork) is delicious, and the owner is not only very friendly but also extremely fast. Within just a few seconds he's able to slice the pork, add the egg, pour the gravy and hand it to you. You get a mix of little bits of different cuts of pork, each cooked a different way (crispy pork, bbq pork, etc). After the pork and egg is placed on rice, it's all smothered in a rich gravy. Everything here is clean and orderly, and it's all prepared right in front of you.

Look for the green sign and Thai flags, with red & blue tables on the sidewalk in front. It's just a few doors down from the intersection of Dinsor Rd and Mahannop Rd, address is 109 Mahannop Rd, Saochingcha, Bangkok.



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