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Kanchanaburi Outdoor Restaurant, Krua Kamnan

Kanchanaburi Outdoor Restaurant, Krua Kamnan

See more in our report of traditional ingredients and food finds in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Krua means kitchen, Kamnan is an elected local official, similar to a small town mayor. So here is the "kitchen of the mayor" restaurant. The owner, shown at left, is the mayor's daughter and she started this restaurant after her dad's election.

Emphasis here is on simplicity and the best local ingredients. While you can find many shops and restaurants offering the standard variety Thai food, Krua Kamnan does an excellent job focusing on traditional Kanchanaburi recipes (which happen to be our favorite!). Try the Kaeng Par (jungle curry) which she's famous for.

Something unique here is that everyday she presents food in 24 large stainless steel pots (you can see the pots behind the rice cooker in the picture at left, fourth down). Serving is like a buffet with these pots.

There's an interesting statue on the roadside in front of this restaurant, of a woman in a bright red dress. Years ago a young lady wearing a bright red dress, waiting at this spot on her wedding day, was killed by a passing car so the monument was created in her honor.

Open daily 6:00 AM - 3:00 PM. Phone 081-378-2212.To find Krua Kamnan See our free map! Or Click Here To Download The Free Map in PDF format.

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