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Thai Street Vendor Offers Assorted Deep-Fried Meatballs from a Push Cart

Thai Street Vendor Offers Assorted Deep-Fried Meatballs from a Push Cart


Assorted meatballs, cooked to order and sold on a stick is a common vendor food in Bangkok. In Thai this is called "Moo Ping". This vendor has a nice selection for sale, and he was getting ready for a busy rush of business across the street from the Hindu Samaj primary school, where's founder Yaowalak attended as a child. Lots of parents come sit on benches under shady trees at 3:30 to wait for the kids to get out of school, so this is the perfect place to sell inexpensive, ready-to-eat snacks to a captive audience.

You might think the meats are precooked and sold as-is, but look behind the cart and you'll find a nice, clean, gas-powered deep-fryer. Just place an order for however many sticks you want, and he will cook them while you wait. It only takes a couple of minutes, and the meatballs here were very tasty. In the case of rain, notice the large green umbrella and white umbrella post attached to the cart. Also of note is the nice glass case to keep dust away from the meat, and ice to keep it cool. Many vendors simply  lay their meatballs on a table in the open air, and barbecue to order.


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