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Thai Street Vendor Refreshing Shaved Ice Treats

Thai Street Vendor Refreshing Shaved Ice Treats

Temperatures are hot year-round in Thailand so this is always a nice treat, but we visited in April when it was 40 degrees celcius so this was just the right thing.

The treats are much more than a simple flavored shaved ice, as there are three layers. First you choose what goes into the lower layer, there is toddy palm, sweet potato candies, sweet pumpkin, foy thong and bread for the lower layer. Then the vendor will top that with shaved iced. On top of the shaved ice will be a flavored syrup such as Hale's Blue Boy. Usually in Thailand there will be various Hale's Blue Boy flavors to choose from, such as red (sala flavored), green (cream soda), white (jasmine), strawberry, or pineapple. The most popular flavors are red and green.

For the final step, the vendor tops it with sweetened condensed milk. Another option is to add foy thong on top of that. Super delicious, sweet and cold.

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