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Bangkok Sidewalk Vendor Offers Thai Donuts, Pa Tong Ko

Bangkok Sidewalk Vendor Offers Thai Donuts, Pa Tong Ko

This vendor is part of our comprehensive report on the outstanding food finds in Bangkok's Saochingcha area.

Thai Donuts "Pa Tong Ko" are found on nearly every street in every village, and here in the Saochingcha area is perhaps one of Bangkok's most famous husband-and-wife donut duo. The shop is called Pa Tong Ko Sawoy, sawoy means "eat" in the Thai royal dialect.

One thing that is unique here is the special sauce sold with the donuts, it's a greenish custard made from pandan, and it's very delicious.

The blue and green sticker on the front of the store is an award from "Perp Pitsadan" which is a status similar to being awarded the prestigious Shell Shuan Shim stamp of approval. This donut duo has been featured in many television shows and magazines, a fact that is hard to escape because the walls are lined with framed stories and logos of the various television stations.

They are open evenings only, 5:00 PM - midnight. Phone number is 02-222-2635. Address is 540 Tanao Rd, opposite Bangkok Bank, Bangkok.  See our free map!



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