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Salid Thong Crispy Fish Snack, 2.8 oz

Salid Thong Crispy Fish Snack, 2.8 oz
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We now have the best tasting fish snack from Thailand, crispy salid fish of excellent quality packed in a modern resealable foil package.

Eat this alone or as a garnish with fried rice, green curry, jasmine rice, or whatever you like.

Salid Thong is a deep fried fish snack made of the famed freshwater Sepat Siam (trichogaster pectoralis) fish. Prepared in a traditional Thai cooking style for health-conscious people. See our market picture of trichogaster pectoralis with the eggs (also a delicacy) removed, in foreground.

You get about 20-25 chunks of fried fish (about the size of a tortilla chip, but thicker). This is one of our personal favorites, and for a Thai person in USA this fish is really a true taste of home.

Ingredients: sepat siam fish 98%, salt 1%, palm oil 1%. Product of Thailand.

High Quality Snack

High Quality Snack



Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts




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