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Nata de Coco, 16 oz jar, Thai

Nata de Coco, 16 oz jar, Thai
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A natural dessert made from pure coconut water, but it tastes like a rich sweet candy.

The translucent chunks have a consistency like firm jelly beans, they stick to your teeth a bit. The flavor is really good. Nata de Coco is a popular dessert in The Philippines. It's made from fermented coconut water, which gels naturally.

Nata de coco is highly regarded for its high dietary fibre, and its low fat and cholesterol content.

Serve chilled alone, or with other fruits in a dish. We know that this is one of Aroy-D's top selling fruits around the world.

Packed in a glass jar.

Ingredients: nata de coco, water, sugar, citric acid as acidity regulator, calcium lactate as firming agent. Product of Thailand.

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