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King Chulalongkorn "Rama 5" Portrait

King Chulalongkorn
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One of the most famous pictures displayed in homes and businesses throughout Thailand, this portrait of a humble King Chulalongkorn is often seen in Thai restaurants and kitchens worldwide. Thought to bring good luck and fortune to any business, you might like to have this for framing. This picture is printed in Thailand on the highest quality, thick photo stock, 15.5" x 10.5". At the bottom of the photo is his signature along with a short explanation in Thai "The King photographed making food at his Ruen Ton palace". Ruen Ton, in Bangkok, had simple teak buildings, now part of the Vinmanmek teak palace complex.

Thailand's fifth king (b.1853, d.1910) is known for improving his country in every way, notably: emphasizing education, introducing a postal service, modernizing hospitals, overseeing Thailand's first railway while at the same time avoiding European colonization, and abolishing slavery.

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