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Palad Kik

Palad Kik
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Look around a Thai street vendor's cart, and you're likely to see a "Palad Kik". Carried by merchants, the palad kik is believed to help bring in more sales, more customers, and entice others to find you attractive.

Non-Thais might think the small wood carving is a type of erotic art, and feel embarrassed to see this sitting in a business, but in Thailand it's simply a portable charm that helps bring in sales.

Many people in Thailand keep a palad kik on their keyring. Popular with tourists visiting Thailand, you might want one to attract new customers to your business or interesting people to your life. Made by hand of a special Thai hardwood, give it a shake and you'll hear a small rattle--the traditional palad kik have a tiny rock inside. Each one has been blessed at a Thai temple, and has a Buddhist inscription carved on the side. Product of Thailand.

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