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Thai Three Chamber Pot, 16", Stainless

Thai Three Chamber Pot, 16
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We've received several requests for the three-chamber pot used by Thai street vendors such as this vendor on Songkran Day, or this noodle vendor, or this pok pok cart. Also see it in our Video: Three Chamber Thai Soup Pot.

The pot is extremely well made by Zebra, with no expense spared to ensure it is built to last for years with constant daily use. Made of stainless steel. Each sealed chamber holds a separate liquid of your choice. The top lip states in Thai "lead free". Nice handles on the side, a domed lid that seats securely, and winged sides so the pot will fit into an opening and sit level, see this same pot on our street vendor cart. Inside each pot is a free street vendor apron.

The three chamber pot only comes in a large size, the total capacity of this pot is 12 gallons. It is huge, maybe too big for your home kitchen. This would only be used for a commercial kitchen or if someone is going to use it for catering, street fairs, etc. Of course the price is high, given the size and everlasting quality of this pot, but it really will last for decades.

The pot is 16" wide and 16" tall. Total capacity 12 gallons. A useful tool to use with this pot is the long handle stainless basket.

36cm size as shown.

Comes with an official sticker (as shown) in Thai language indicating the material is lead free and tested by the official Thai material science organization.

Made in Thailand.



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