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December Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Update

Hello again and Happy December 2019. We will be offering $5 Flat Rate Shipping for two days this week so it's a great time if you are thinking of a holiday gift or just time to stock up.

Thai Crispy Roll Snack

This delicious snack is made to the highest standard for export, and it's one of the most popular snacks found all over Thailand. Known in Thai as Tong Muan. We just received a new shipment, packed in the elegant box shown here. Always popular during the holidays.

SEE: Thai Crispy Roll Snack

Solid Granite Mortar and Pestle

For over 15 years we've sold hundreds these every Christmas, always a favorite gift and useful in the kitchen for generations. 

Get the real thing from us, true Thai granite from a quarry famous for extremely hard stone.

Highly recommend the 7" size or 6" size.  We are low on 8" and those are cumbersome and heavy anyway. Best gift is 7" or 6" and we have plenty in stock.

SEE: Solid Granite Mortar and Pestle

Mae Pranom Sweet Chilli Sauce - Small Bottle

Best gift of something simple, unique, tasty and beautiful.  We just got a new shipment from Thailand, best-before date is not until July 2021.

The most delicious sweet chilli sauce from Thailand. Mae Pranom is the true original brand known to all Thai people and offered in corner stores & sidewalk chefs throughout the country.

Beautiful glass bottle w/attractive label, Mae Pranom employs the highest quality standard. 

SEE: Mae Pranom Sweet Chilli Sauce

 Feature Recipe: Hunglay

We love Hunglay and there's simply nothing like it. Checkout how we prepared it using the finest Mae Pranom ingredients.  

SEE: Hunglay Recipe

Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice

With our $5 shipping rate why not get a 10 lb bag, our prices are extremely competitive and this is the best Thai rice you will taste.

SEE: Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice

Fresh Lemongrass

We have extra this week and are giving a great deal.  Just order the 10 stalk pack and we will ship you at least 15 stalks.

SEE: Fresh Lemongrass

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