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Fresh Galangal and Thai Chilli Update / ImportFood

Our fresh Hawaiian galangal This season has been exceptionally good, we have beautiful fresh red chillies, and see our healthy bulk Thai staples. Reasonable prices on fresh items includes 2 Day shipping.

Fresh Galangal

Today we got a harvest of really big, thick, clean white fresh galangal roots that were still warm from the heat in the field. Very fragrant and rich in fresh flavor. Exactly as shown here.

SEE: Fresh Galangal

Fresh Red Thai Chillies

he color is a a bright red (we took these pictures today when the chillies came in), and the lively green stems indicate the freshness (less than a week since harvested).

Fresh Red Thai Chillies

Top Seller: Thai Sticky Rice

For some reason we've sold a lot of sticky rice in recently days. Good timing because we have plenty in stock on a new shipment this week.  Perhaps people want to bulk up, looking ahead.  We are planning to share a really good new Thai Sticky Rice congee soup recipe in a few days. 

SEE: Thai Sticky Rice

New Crop Thai Jasmine Rice

It doesn't hurt to have some on hand, order a bag or two you won't be sorry.​  We've shipped more new crop jasmine than ever before.  Our new crop 2020 Royal Umbrella 10 lb bags are almost sold out.

Mama Chan Tom Yum

Made with premium chantaboon rice stick noodles, Mama Chan Tom Yum hits the spot and can easily be improved with the addition of your own meat and seafood.

SEE: Mama Chan Tom Yum

Thai Recipe Update /
Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update

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