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Hello again and thanks for visiting  Today we feature a new Thai recipe for "Thai Sushi", and our very popular "Labuyo" fresh red chile pepper hot sauce is finally back in stock with a fresh batch -- long overdue, we haven't had it for over two years. Our huge Thai flat bottom wok is on sale, and we've reorganized our selection of Kiwi brand Thai knives. It's all below --

Thai Sushi

NEW Thai Recipe: Thai Sushi "Pla Koong" this dish is sometimes prepared with raw shrimp, that variant is known as pla koong lao (ie shrimp prepared in the Laotian style). In essence the shrimp are "cooked" in lime juice, which induces changes in the shrimp meat. However the dish has a Thai variant (pla koong korat, or simply pla koong) in which the shrimp are "blanched" in the manner typically used for vegetables (as we did). 

SEE RECIPE: Thai Sushi "Pla Koong"


Back in Stock: Fresh Red Hot Pepper Sauce, Labuyo. This fantastic hot sauce comes from the Philippines. Mama Sitas has a 75 year history producing world-class sauces. 

A bright, powerful, fresh red chile heat that is spicier than Thai sriracha sauce. 

We love this hot sauce for many reasons, especially the really strong flavor. Chile pepper lovers will enjoy putting just a few drops on any dish. Each bottle is individually boxed and the story about the legendary labuyo (birdseye) chiles is told on the box. 

See: Labuyo Hot Sauce

Kiwi Thailand Knives

KIWI THAILAND KNIVES. For years, professional chefs have told us about the Kiwi-brand knives they brought home from Thai vacations, and how much they love using Kiwi knives. We have the finest selection of Kiwi knives imported direct from Thailand and offered at a very reasonable price. 

There's no mystery why chefs love these knives, and that Thai knife designers deserve a reputation equal to the taste of delicious Thai food. The stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and strong yet light. The hard plastic handle on smaller knives not only feels great, it seems to be aircraft-grade plastic seamlessly molded to the blade for literally decades of use. On the larger knives, the blades are slightly heavier, with hardwood handles and brass rivets. 

We've reorganized our Kiwi knives from Thailand, see our entire selection here.

Coconut Cream

High-Fat, Pure Coconut Cream, All Natural. We continue to be amazed at the great results when cooking with the new Chaokoh coconut cream, which just arrived from Thailand last week and has 21 grams of fat per 1/3 cup (the richest coconut milk we've ever seen). 

We used this to prepare Panang Beef, and the flavor was just outstanding. Coconut milk is watered down with each stage of "squeezing" (see our video: how coconut milk is made). 

The richest liquid comes first, has higher fat content, and is generally preferred for making the best tasting Thai curry and soups, but also more expensive. Coconut fat is consider a healthy, good fat and we recommend using higher fat milks for best results. 

100% pure. No guar gum, no preservatives, nothing but pure 100% coconut milk. Product of Thailand. 

See Chaokoh Coconut Cream (Classic Gold): 8.5 oz box

Tom Kha

For Newsletter Readers: Case of 10 Pouches. 5 Each (5 regular, and 5 smoked salmon) $35.00. Reg Price $48.80. To heat, simply put the pouch in boiling water for 3 minutes then open and serve alone or over rice. You can also microwave it for 90 seconds. It's all inside, so you don't need to add a thing. This all-natural, gluten-free, preservative-free soup is precooked in a modern BPA-free pouch that's shelf stable for two years but tastes like it was just made fresh in a Thai grandmother's kitchen. Premium ingredients and sophisticated preparation ensure that this rivals anything a Thai restaurant serves. We offer two versions: 

1. Tom Kha Smoked Salmon: Tom Kha served with smoked Alaskan wild salmon is a combination made in heaven. If you're familiar with Tom Kha chicken, you must try it with smoked salmon. It's "Out of This World" delicious. 

2. Tom Kha (no meat). If you like Tom Kha over rice, or with chicken or shrimp, here's a large (9 oz) serving. Simply heat and serve alone or add meat of your choice. Also very good with fresh mushrooms. Ingredients: coconut milk, water, lime juice, fish sauce (anchovies, salt, sugar), cane sugar, galangal, carrots, celery, Thai chili peppers, onions, lemongrass, Kaffir lime, shallots, tapioca starch, garlic, dried chiles, Kaffir lime leaf powder. Contains: Fish (anchovy), Tree Nuts (coconut). 

Order Here: Case of 10 Amazing Elephant Tom Kha

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Comments 2

Guest - Most Reverand Gregori on Saturday, 14 January 2017 04:15

Import Food has the most delicious Thai food recipes. I have tried many of them and found them to be excellent.

Import Food has the most delicious Thai food recipes. I have tried many of them and found them to be excellent.
Guest - Kerry Montgomery on Saturday, 14 January 2017 14:26

I don't see the flat bottom wok on sale here or on the website as mentioned in the newsletter.

I don't see the flat bottom wok on sale here or on the website as mentioned in the newsletter.
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