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Just Arrived - Handmade Japanese Knives

Today we received a new shipment from Japan, and we'd like to offer our newsletter readers first.

We introduced extremely high quality, handmade knives from Japan a few months ago and quickly sold out.  We are just now starting to get more of the same knives.

These are purchased directly from individual craftsmen in Sakai who spend weeks to produce just two dozen knives.  Our prices are less than what you'd pay in Tokyo, because we buy direct, and these knives would make any chef proud. They'll stay extremely sharp after months of constant use.

Please see our new offers:

Handcrafted Santoku Knife, Magnolia Handle. $145.

Priced to offer a very good value, this knife should be more than what we offer.

Made entirely by hand by a master in Sakai Japan. Great attention to every detail especially the handle: shaping the handle and the buffalo horn ring that binds the blade into the wood. This craftsman also spends a long time in the process of final sharpening.

SEE: Handcrafted Santoku Knife, Magnolia Handle

Handcrafted Petty Knife, Chestnut Handle. $130.

This is known as an 'Office Knife' in Japan, used for cutting various fruits and vegetables. Highly useful knife that is sharpened on both sides.

This knife blade is made entirely by hand in Sakai, by the same craftsman who makes our Santoku offered above.

The handle is chestnut wood imported from USA. The carbon steel is extremely hard and will keep it's sharp edge for months. The style is called 'black finishing' as you can see the steel is worked a special way to give it a natural black look, above the blade. The black area is less likely to rust and maintains the look for the life of the knife.

SEE: Handcrafted Petty Knife, Chestnut Handle

Handcrafted Santoku Knife, Blue Steel. $165.

Blue Steel (so-called because of the blue paper wrapping the steel as it comes from the foundry in Japan) is extremely hard and ideal for making knives that stay sharp with months of constant use.

SEE: Stingray Tip Santoku Knife

Japanese Knives Being Forged From The Elements - Blacksmithing Masters

Steel so hard with an edge that stays so sharp can only be hand crafted. See every step in our new series on knives made by master craftsmen in Japan.

Hand Crafted Japanese Knives - Shaped By Experts

Japanese knives hand shaped by master craftsmen before being sent to off for hours of sharpening. 

 Sharpening The Steel - Hand Crafted Knives in Japan

Steel that stays sharp for months of constant use? It's got to be extremely high quality, hard steel that's been forged, shaped and sharpened by hand. Here's the initial sharpening stage in our video series on Japanese knives.

 Sharpening Hand Forged Knives - Sakai Japan

Using a sharpening stone soaked in water, this expert shows how to keep your knife sharp.

 Master Craftsman Sharpens a Japanese Knife

After the steel has been forged, pounded, shaped, and sharpened, this craftsman at a shop in Tokyo shows how to give the blade it's final edge before a chef starts using it.

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Sunday, 12 July 2020

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