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March Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again from your online Thai Supermarket. Today we feature a simple special offer on the best Thai oyster sauce, and new arrivals on Thai and Japanese hand crafted knives.  We also feature a older barbecue recipe that will be enhanced next week with an update.  Thanks for visiting!

 NEW STOCK: Mae Krua Oyster Sauce - On Sale

We just got a fresh shipment of Mae Krua, with Best By date through 2019.  It's just the best oyster sauce.  We love to marinate steak with plenty of oyster sauce, a handful of crushed garlic cloves and a little bit of fish sauce.

Maekrua is the most familiar brand of oyster sauce, having a near monopoly in every household, and for good reason. The flavor is just excellent. You can find cheaper brands on some street vendor carts in Thailand, but Mae Krua is the gold standard for taste and quality.

SEE: Mae Krua Oyster Sauce

NEW: Hand Crafted Santoku Knife, Blue Steel, 12.5"

Limited Edition santoku entirely made by hand, with 'Stingray Tip' stamped in Japanese on the blade. Exclusively made in small batches by a master craftsman who takes prides in perfect design and blade material. We will offer more from this maker in the future, in various traditional styles.

Blue Steel is extremely hard and ideal for making knives that stay sharp with months of contant use. This comes with a true Japanese magnolia handle.

SEE: Hand Crafted Santoku Knife, Blue Steel, 12.5"

NEW: Hand Crafted Office Knife, Chestnut Handle, 10.5"

This is known as an 'Office Knife' in Japan, used for cutting various fruits and vegetables. Highly useful knife that is sharpened on both sides.

The blade is 5.5" long, and handle is 5" long. Total length 10.5".

The chestnut handle is round except for one slight ridge perfectly located on the upper right (as shown). This feels excellent in the hand and is popular with Japanese and western chefs.

SEE: Hand Crafted Office Knife, Chestnut Handle, 10.5"

Hand Crafted Nakiri Knife, Sakai Japan, 15"

We introduced this recently and sold almost all quickly but a few remain in stock.  It's a highly desirable knife that will last for generations.  This is the 'Nakiri' style which is used for vegetables and various purposes. The style is called 'black finishing' as you can see the steel is worked a special way to give it a natural black look, above the blade. The black area is less likely to rust and maintains the look for the life of the knife.

Coming Soon: Thai Handmade Pork Vendor Knife

Order in advance. Shipping to you from our shop late March 2018.

Designed specifically for pork vendors, and most every pork vendor in Thailand uses this knife. Very sturdy blade, slightly thicker than 1mm. Nice wood handle. Total length is 11", the blade is 6.5". Made in Thailand. 

SEE: Thai Handmade Pork Vendor Knife

Coming Soon: Thai Handmade Walk in The Jungle Knife

Order in advance. Shipping to you from our shop late March 2018.

A relatively thick and beautifully designed knife with a great name "Mete Dun Pa" which translates as "walk in jungle knife". Ready for action if a wild boar comes your way. The blade is 3/16" thick. Cut, pounded, shaped, sharpened and finished by hand. 

SEE: Thai Handmade Walk in the Jungle Knife

 Back in Stock: Aroy-D Green Curry Soup Can

Very delicous, authentic Thai green curry made in Thailand by Aroy-D, known for premium quality curry paste products, which are used by many restaurants around the world.

We just received a new shipment, this has been out of stock for several months.

SEE: Aroy-D Green Curry Soup

Sweet Chili Baby Back Ribs

This is an old recipe we featured years ago, and we will update next week with a similar version using oyster sauce and garlic.

This recipe uses Thai and Indonesian ingredients, the results are fantastic. Just four ingredients make up the sauce, so this is a very simple recipe! 

SEE: Sweet Chili Baby Back Ribs

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Hand Forged Knives Cont / ImportFood


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