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May Fresh Thai Basil Update / ImportFood

Quick update to let you know we have a nice new offering of fresh Thai basil, very high quality just harvested 24 hours ago and we can rush that immediately right to your door. Lobo Satay is a nice treat too. Please check it out.

Fresh Thai Basil for Immediate Shipment

Excellent quality fresh Thai basil that was just harvested 24 hours ago in Hawaii,via 2 Day Priority. You get a large bundle, approximately 14 oz.

Thai basil has a unique flavor unlike traditional basil. This is "Horapa" (sweet basil).

Thick stems, hearty and lasts long after you receive it. The aroma of sweet basil is strong, has a sweet, peppery flavor slightly reminiscent of star anise, and it comes with hearty stems and often purple flowers. Sweet basil is added to a variety of soups and curry, see links below, as well as a popular garnish to be eaten fresh. Vietnamese cooking uses this abundantly as well.

SEE: Fresh Thai Basil for Immediate Shipment

Lobo brand, Satay seasoning mix

Make authentic, delicious Thai satay (peanut) sauce with this high quality product. Simply mix with coconut milk. A convenient envelope packet, enough to make one large serving. 

SEE: Lobo brand, Satay seasoning mix

Thai Recipe and Sriracha Update / ImportFood
May Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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