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Thai Recipe and Sriracha Update / ImportFood

Due to widespread shortage of fresh red chilli pepper there has been a strange lack of sriracha sauce, starting with Huy Fong then other brands including our well-known Shark, imported from Thailand.  We just got more Shark sriracha and checkout our recipe for how to use it to make delicious Thai wings.

Shark Sriracha 

Sriracha is a bold condiment sauce made of fresh red Thai chile peppers. Shark is our favorite sriracha sauce because it's an original classic, in a big glass bottle.

Not just a spicy dipping sauce, Sriracha is often an ingredient in Thai recipes.

Shark brand is made in the Sriracha region of Thailand.

We have a new shipment of both Strong and Medium.

SEE: Shark Sriracha, Large Glass Bottle

Spicy Thai Chicken Wings, 'Peek Gai Nam Daeng'

Fry chicken wings then coat them with a Thai sauce made of ginger, shallot, sriracha, oyster sauce and more.

Excellent wings with subtle spice.

SEE: Spicy Thai Chicken Wings

Thai Style Fried Wings

After hearing from experienced chefs in Las Vegas and Austin Texas about this Thai chicken batter, we created delicious fried chicken and know you'll enjoy this recipe.

Extra delicious served with Shark Sriracha.

SEE: Thai Style Fried Wings

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
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