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New Thai Seafood Recipe / ImportFood

We've created a new, masterpiece seafood soup. You might be surprised it came from your kitchen, with such a nice blend of elegant flavors and texture. Here we demonstrate all the tricks to make it just right. The slightly firm rice, rather than the typical mushy congee, makes it distinctive. The trick is to fry the rice when it's still dry, as we show here. 

Firm Rice Seafood Soup

Distinctive texture comes from heating the rice before it's cooked in water. 

​Just in Today: Fresh Red Thai Chili Peppers

We just received today perfectly beautiful, very spicy red Thai chilli peppers immediate shipment via 2 Day Fedex. Fresh pick. 

SEE: Fresh Red Thai Chili Peppers

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Supermarket Update / ImportFood

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