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Thai Supermarket Update / ImportFood

​Quick note to share great deals you might appreciate for the holidays, and a few grocery items back in stock. 

Back in Stock: Koh Kae Peanut Snack

Thailand grows very high quality peanuts, and these are the very best packaged for export in a modern strong tall tin can with easy open and resealable plastic top.

Each peanut has a crispy, delicious coating with a very mild coconut flavor. Superb, nutritious snack. 

SEE: Koh Kae Peanut Snack

Mae Pranom Pineapple Chilli Sauce

This custom glass bottle with unique shape is a nice inexpensive gift idea.

The flavor is an excellent blend of sweet & tangy with a noticeable burst of chili heat. A  dipping sauce for any grilled, roasted, or fried meats. Also a great marinade for any style of barbecue.

SEE: Mae Pranom Pineapple Chilli Sauce

Mae Pranom Thai Ketchup

Packed in the same fancy bottle with an artistic label from artisan company Mae Pranom using all-natural ingredients. Nothing can match the perfect balance of sweet and hot like this Thai ketchup. Typically from Mae Pranom you get the very best taste, using fresh ingredients. 

The consistency is very similar to an American-style ketchup, and you get a nice sharp Thai chile heat.

SEE: Mae Pranom Thai Ketchup

Kecap Manis Sweet Soy Sauce

Kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce), also known as ketjap manis, is a thick soy sauce sweetened with palm sugar. The sauce is very thick (like molasses) and dark in color.

Traditionally it's used to flavor various hot and cold Indonesian dishes and is used as a condiment and marinade.

SEE: Kecap Manis Sweet Soy Sauce

Back in Stock: Wai Wai Tom Yum Sour Soup

Out of stock for several months, we just got a new shipment. This is "Tom Yum Sour Soup" flavor. Popular with people who like this unique taste, it's unlike any other instant noodle. Nice and sour and pleasant mild spice heat (not very spicy). 

SEE: Wai Wai Tom Yum Sour Soup

Bakelite Handle Large Thai Spoon / Zebra Thailand

Great gift idea, this is a really heavy-duty and useful kitchen too.

High quality stainless steel large spoon from Zebra is thick and durable--feels as much like a timeless automotive tool as a kitchen utensil. The modern bakelite handle is tough and well-designed. 

Bakelite Handle Large Thai Spoon

Back in Stock: Namprik Pla Tu, Maesri

This is a hometown favorite "namprik" paste from Maesri brand, who we find makes the finest quality chile pastes. There's nothing like it, a true taste of home for a Thai person. Beware it's strong smelling with a bold flavor.

SEE: Namprik Pla Tu, Maesri

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