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Saturday Sale / ImportFood Thai Supermarket

We recently got a great review from someone using the square solid granite mortar and pestle.  As the holidays approach, this is a very useful, timeless, attractive and affordable gift. On sale all weekend.

Designer Edition Mortar and Pestle

I got your, "designer," some years
ago, and it has been a fixture in my kitchen, ever since. The wide base, and heft, balanced by being small enough to pick up and dump out right over the stove, is great, along with the quality of the machining, and the quality of the stone itself. I've got a molcajete, other granite sets, earthenware ones,
stoneware ones, wooden ones, a steel one, and have wasted way too much money on them. The quality of that square one from you guys has far exceeded every other one I've tried, and pushed me towards buying almost no powdered spices

SEE: Designer Edition Mortar and Pestle

On Sale - 7 inch $20 Off 

We are offering our newsletter readers, all weekend, the same price we sold this in 2012.  So we are rolling prices way back and this is below our current cost.  Great deal for a solid granite mortar and pestle from Thailand.  Best gift.

SEE: 7 inch $20 Off

Assorted Thai Curry Paste

Special Offer: Set of 3 Premium Thai Curry Paste from Mae Pranom

You Get:
1 Yellow Curry Paste, Mae Pranom
1 Green Curry Paste, Mae Pranom
1 Red Curry Paste, Mae Pranom

SEE: Assorted Thai Curry Paste

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