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Thai Recipe and Fresh Holiday Update / ImportFood

Hello again and welcome back. We have a new shipment of Royal Umbrella premium quality pure jasmine rice, Thai Sticky Rice Kit on sale, and shipping Monday excellent fresh produce via 2 Day Shipping for delivery just before Thanksgiving. 

Fresh Thai Basil Delivered Wednesday via Fedex

Weather in Hawaii has been excellent, and we have ideal quality fresh Thai basil coming in from the farm on Monday (Nov 25).  Place an order now or tomorrow (Saturday) and we will ship your fresh basil on Monday by 2 Day Fedex, for delivery Wednesday.  

SEE: Fresh Thai Basil For Wednesday Delivery

Fresh Kaffir Limes

We have perfectly ideal quality fresh kaffir limes right now. These grew all summer and were just harvested.  Bright green, thick rind (the rind is what's used in Thai cooking).  You'll also find a few seeds, if growing a kaffir lime tree is of interest.  These freeze very well, for months.  After January we will not have them until next summer.

SEE: Fresh Kaffir Limes

Thai Sticky Rice Kit

We have plenty of these on hand right now, good for the holidays.  Best quality Diamond Brand pot and handmade bamboo basket.

SEE: Thai Sticky Rice Kit

Last of The New Crop 2019

We just received a new shipment of Royal Umbrella, straight from Thailand.  Our Royal Umbrella New Crop 2019 is from the June harvest and will be the final 2019 crop we have until the 2020 crop arrives in January.  This rice has nice texture, not wet like new crop. Same great fragrance.  Coming out of the rice cooker each grain has more integrity.  It's ideal for making fried rice. In actuality most people wouldn't really know the difference, but we're keeping you in the loop.  Restaurants always want jasmine rice that's aged 6 months to a year or more.  

SEE: Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice

Feature Recipe: Steamed Chicken Chiang Mai

We created this recipe some years ago and felt it was worth featuring again. Great with fresh turmeric, which we have in stock as well.  Very healthy and curiously delicious.

SEE: Steamed Chicken Chiang Mai

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Chilli and Recipe Update /

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