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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello Again -- Happy Thanksgiving Week! Our feature recipe is perfect for the holidays, popular Thai Cashew Chicken made to perfection with the best ingredients.

We also improved the Thai Restaurant Kit, New Arrival of Thai Basil Paste is on sale, and more.

Feature: Thai Cashew Chicken

One of the more popular dishes on the menu in Thai restaurants in America but also Thailand. This recipe is time-consuming but the result is spot-on perfect.

SEE: Thai Cashew Chicken Recipe

NEW: Thai Restaurant Kit

Great gift idea. Packaged With Care. We've updated this complete kit to include more essential sauces, all-natural coconut milk, and Aroy-D premium curry pastes.

Saves money for those who want to make healthy, complete Thai curry and noodle dishes at home rather than pay at the local restaurant. Using this kit, per-recipe cost will be under $3, and made at home it will taste even better with our top quality ingredients.

SEE: New Thai Restaurant Kit

On Sale: Mae Krua Oyster Sauce

Probably the most common item we use is oyster sauce from Mae Krua. It's the best, in a  thick glass jar with modern lid, and if you run out there's nothing like it at most local supermarkets. Get two bottles for $8.75.

SEE: Mae Krua Oyster Sauce

Back in Stock: Mae Pranom Basil Seasoning

Made with the finest ingredients by Mae Pranom, you're not likely to find this anywhere else.  We just got a new shipment and it's outstanding, so easy to use.

Just add a bit of oil to your wok and start to fry the meat of your choice. Then add this paste and stir until the meat is done and you can smell the fragrant chile/basil mixture. Serve with fresh jasmine rice, and enjoy! 

SEE: Mae Pranom Basil Seasoning

On Sale: Tamarind Cutting Board

End-grain cutting board performs like no other.

We have more of the 9.5" size in stock and we'd like to move them so the price is about 50% off. Check it out.  

Limit 1 per order.

SEE: On Sale Tamarind Cutting Board

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