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Thai Recipe and Shipping Update

Today is the last day of $5 Flat Rate Shipping, and we just discovered how much we like Por Kwan brand Tom Kha Paste. Give this one a try if you haven't already. Thanks for visiting.

Por Kwan Tom Kha Paste - Simple Winner

We've ignored this paste for a long time and just discovered how delicious it is. Highly recommended.  The paste already contains coconut milk, galangal, etc, so you just have to add water and your own meat.

We sauteed chicken with ginger & onion, then added that to a quickly-prepared bowl of Tom Kha Paste heated with water.  Served with Royal Umbrella jasmine rice.

Enjoy a simple, full-flavored, quick tom kha. This is a winner.

SEE: Por Kwan Tom Kha Paste

Back in Stock: 9" Knife, Black Handle, Kiwi

Heavy-dury small Thai knife for only $5.95.  

We sold 600 of these over several years then didn't get more until recently. 

Nice to see it back, you will not be disappointed.  

SEE: 9" Knife, Black Handle, Kiwi

Sina Ginger Candy, All Natural

Sina Ginger Candy from Indonesia is made using all natural ingredients: a simple formula of ginger, cane sugar, and tapioca starch.

SEE: Sina Ginger Candy, All Natural

Thai Recipe and Knife Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update

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