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Thai Recipe Khao Mun Gai Update

Hello Friends. Today we feature Khao Mun Gai that we loved for years from a street vendor. Simple, elegant and made with a range of key ingredients that we have on special. Pork Bouillon is back in stock too.  Thanks for visiting!

Feature Recipe: Khao Mun Gai

Khao Mun is a more "high end" street vendor dish because it's more complicated to make, and requires a fairly sophisticated cart and tools. Khao = rice, Mun = fat. So this is "Fat Rice" or, in other words, rice cooked in chicken fat.

SEE: Khao Mun Gai Recipe

 Street Vendor: Khao Mun Gai Chai-Yo

This shop's name is "Chaiyo" which has the same meaning as "Cheers" in English, and it's been the same for over 20 years (the owner moved here in 1986). Things change slowly in Bangkok, successful shops with high quality food may stay the same year after year--and this is an excellent example.

SEE: Khao Mun Gai Chai-Yo

 Special: Healthy Boy Dark Sweet

Just $2 per bottle for this week only, the key ingredient in Khao Mun Gai dipping sauce.

Healthy Boy makes the best soy sauce, and they offer a wide variety of formulas in order to create dishes that cater to regional tastes.

This dark, thick, sweet soy sauce is used in a variety of Thai recipes and perhaps most notably is the base for the dark dipping sauce served with Khao Mun Gai.

SEE: Healthy Boy Dark Sweet

 Thai Street Vendor Video: Thai Ginger Chicken

This video demonstrates how to make a more "high end" recipe that we special ordered, and the street vendor handled it perfectly using her sidewalk kitchen. Try to use fresh green beans. Omit sliced bamboo if you'd like, and use the fresh vegetables of your choice. 

SEE: Thai Street Vendor Video: Thai Ginger Chicken

Back in Stock: Pork Bouillon Cubes - Knorr

Knorr brand of Switzerland has offered fine quality products that have been popular throughout Asia for years.

This is a box that has inside six tasty pork bouillon cubes, each wrapped in foil. Simply add one cube in 2 cups of water.

SEE: Pork Bouillon Cubes - Knorr

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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