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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

This summer try our crispy fried bananas over ice cream; they became famous among our family & friends.  We have a large shipment of Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice and have a big discount to offer also.  Thanks for visiting!

NEW Recipe - Thai Crispy Fried Bananas over Ice Cream

These fried bananas were a smash it at a recent weekend get-together; everyone wanted to know the recipe.

SEE: Thai Crispy Fried Bananas over Ice Cream

Big Discount - Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice

This is the best Thai jasmine rice and we can offer it at a great price discount while supplies last.

10 pound bag regular price $28.65 and on sale for $21.00.

SEE: Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice

Vermicelli Noodles

Bun Tuoi noodles have taken up a lot of space lately in Asian supermarkets, becoming a top seller.

These are high quality vermicelli noodles made of rice flour.

We have the best quality in Twin Lobster brand and several recipes to share.

SEE: Vermicelli Noodles

Thai Recipe Khao Mun Gai Update
July Recipe Update & Flat Rate Shipping

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