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Thai Recipe & New Peppercorn Update / ImportFood

Today we received the freshest peppercorn grown in ideal conditions in Central Highlands Vietnam. At just $4 per pack we highly recommend this to any connoisseur.

Black Peppercorn - Fresh Harvest

Today (August 11 2022) we received extremely fragrant, freshly-harvested whole black peppercorns grown in ideal conditions in the highlands of central Vietnam (Quang Tri province). Harvested by hand and dried just a few weeks ago -- these black peppercorn are as good as ever.

Fresh, bold citrus pepper flavor is a sensation in itself. 

SEE: Black Peppercorn - Fresh Harvest

New Recipe - Firm Rice Seafood Soup

This is a masterpiece seafood soup perfectly enhanced with freshly-crushed black peppercorn. 

You might be surprised it came from your kitchen, with such a nice blend of elegant flavors and texture. Here we demonstrate all the tricks to make it just right. 

The trick is to fry the rice when it's still dry, as we show here.

SEE: Firm Rice Seafood Soup

Thai Coconut Milk, All Natural, Aroy-D

We continue to offer brand new stock that just arrived a week ago.

You get 12 8.5 oz boxes for $26.89. It has best-by date of June 2023. Great time to stock up on the freshest product.

Pure, all-natural coconut milk can only be made using the very best quality coconut; everything else usually goes into cans with preservatives.

The convenient 8.5 oz box is slightly more than 1 cup.

SEE: Thai Coconut Milk, All Natural, Aroy-D

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
August Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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