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Thai Recipe Update -

Hello again from you online Thai supermarket. Today we feature a new shipment of our popular Thai crispy rolls which just arrived today from Thailand, packed in an elegant gift box. We also have several new features, two authentic recipes to share, hot basil sauce on sale, and more. Thanks for visiting!

New Arrival: Thai Crispy Roll Snack

This delicious snack is made to the highest standard for export, and it's one of the most popular snacks found all over Thailand. Known in Thai as Tong Muan. We just received a new shipment, packed in the elegant box shown here.

Similar to European rolled pirouette and Norwegian krumkake, but made with whole coconut and rice flour.  We have both coconut (original) and pandan flavors.

SEE: Thai Crispy Roll Snack

Feature Thai Recipe: Thai Yellow Curry Chicken - Gaeng Karee Gai

The flavor of yellow curry paste is not much different than red or green, however we've recently discovered how much we like yellow curry. 

Yellow curry makes vegetables taste great in our opinion, and we've been eating more vegetables and less meat these days. Here is a basic Thai yellow curry with chicken and potato. 

It's also good with bell pepper, butternut squash, or any seasonal vegetable of your choice. Serve a generous portion and watch it disappear.

SEE: Thai Yellow Curry Chicken

Feature Thai Recipe: Thai Namprik Pla

If you love Thai food, then you really will appreciate this Namprik Pla. It's just so good, full of rich flavor, like a natural msg that sends your taste buds racing. The fresh kaffir lime leaves boost the aroma and give it a splendid aroma.

See: Thai Namprik Pla

On Sale: Hot Basil Sauce, Maxchup

Enjoy the excellent hot basil flavor, so common in Thailand and perfectly captured in this sauce. We have personally visited the factory of this manufacturer in Thailand, located in a state-of-the art estate. 

The sauce is made with fresh ingredients, using all of the finest machinery and hygienic process. Maxchup is sold in modern supermarkets throughout Thailand now, and it's a popular flavor we think you'll enjoy.

It can be used as a stir-fry sauce but also a marinade for summer barbeques. Hot basil sauce is also a quick shortcut to make Pad Kee Mao (Thai drunkard's noodles). Any Thai dish with the name Kee Mao can use this sauce, and if you add more the recipe gets more spicy. It's versatile, if you use just a little bit the flavor is good and the spice is low, add more and it will become so spicy you'll start to sweat.

See: Hot Basil Sauce ($2.00, reg $3.89)

Feature: Ancient Thai Teak Cart

Probably a 40 year old teak cart, the vendor in a rural district of Kanchanaburi doesn't likely think it's special but it's hard to find anyone still serving from a wood cart.

See: Ancient Thai Teak Cart

Feature: Thai Fresh Mango

Local vendor is selling Khiao Sawoey variety, the sign says it's sweet with a nutty taste, not sour.

See: Thai Fresh Mango

Feature: Pak Boong (Morning Glory)

Pak Boong (Morning Glory) is a common tubular green served in Thailand but not really available in other countries. 

This vendor is cleaning up a big batch, cutting it into smaller chunks to be used in Kwei Teeo Rua (noodle boat).

See: Pak Boong (Morning Glory)

Thai Recipe Update -
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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