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Thai Recipe Update -

Hello again from you online Thai supermarket. Today we feature a new shipment of fresh dried Thai bananas.  These are the sweetest variety, grown in a special greenhouse environment and packaged perfectly.  This all natural snack is healthy and delicious.  We also have Thai Fanta for the first time, and more Thai crispy rolls packed in an elegant gift box. Thanks for visiting!

Fresh Arrival: Whole Dried Banana

Dried fruit is enjoyed far and wide throughout Thailand. These dried Thai bananas are a top seller among local Thai, Lao and Vietnamese who snap up as fast as they can be put on the shelf! 

They're a golden caramel color. New shipment just arrived yesterday. Although dried they are soft and chewy not hard and brittle. 

In Thai they are the "Kluay Nam Wah" variety which is short, fat and sweeter than other varieties. Kluay nam wah are also well-known as being a good source of nutrition for young children, and they won't upset a baby's stomache. 

Packed in a modern, beautiful box with foil letters. Each box has 25 packages, each package contains one banana which is gently pressed and sun dried, with no artificial flavors or preservatives or added ingredients. The price may seem high for a snack, but this is a healthy snack, and it takes 6 or 8 pounds of fresh bananas to come up with 1 lb dried. 

Ingredients: Banana 100% all natural. Product of Thailand.

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NEW: Thai Fanta

This is the first time we've offered Thai Fanta, which is produced in Thailand and has a unique flavor you won't find anywhere else. 

We offer Thai Fanta in Orange, Cream Soda, and Strawberry flavors. 

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, artificial flavor, sodium benzoate, Yellow No.6, Red No.10 as color. 

Product of Thailand.

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New Arrival: Thai Crispy Roll Snack 

This delicious snack is made to the highest standard for export, and it's one of the most popular snacks found all over Thailand. Known in Thai as Tong Muan. We just received a new shipment, packed in the elegant box shown here. 

Similar to European rolled pirouette and Norwegian krumkake, but made with whole coconut and rice flour. We have both coconut (original) and pandan flavors. 

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Feature Thai Recipe: Steamed Buns - Salapao

Here we demonstrate how simple it is to make those delicious, meat-filled steamed buns that you may have never imagined yourself creating. 

Follow the steps and checkout our video filmed in Thailand, add some of your own ideas to make a unique filling, and perhaps you can start a new career in the field of steamed buns and dumplings.

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Thai Recipe Update -

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