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Thai Snack Box Gift Update

For immediate shipment we are offering a great deal on a box of Thai snacks via 2 Day, our Cock brand Crab Paste in Bean Oil is back in stock, and we show every step to make the most delicious crab fried rice.  Thanks for visiting, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

NEW: Thai Snack Box via Fedex 2 Day

A great deal on this thoughtful box of Thai snacks that we're shipping immediately via Fedex 2 Day for arrival by Christmas.

Thai Lays, Sweet Basil
Thai Lays, Scallop in Garlic Butter
All Natural Tamarind Candy, With Chilli
All Natural Tamarind Candy, Without Chilli
Sina Ginger Candy
Bin Bin Rice Crackers
Mango Peeler
Thai Peeler

SEE: Thai Snack Box via Fedex 2 Day

Feature Recipe: Thai Crab Fried Rice

It's very simple to make this quickly. Use high quality crab paste in bean oil, and the rice should be day old (steamed the day before). Topped with a bit of fresh spring onion, the perfect crab fried rice.

SEE: Thai Crab Fried Rice

Back in Stock: Cock Brand Crab Paste

Made in Thailand to the highest quality in Cock brand, made by Aroy D. This is this highest quality crab paste available anywhere, and hard to get due to the low quantity of what they produce each year.  This is fresh stock that just arrived. Used to make the delicious fried rice recipe above.

SEE: Cock Brand Crab Paste

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