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Holiday Thai / Organic Ginger Update

Our new fresh ginger from Peru is certified organic and could not be fresher. We are shipping via 2 Day Express for holiday arrival. We are packing all weekend so all orders will arrive by Christmas.  Thanks for another great year, your support means everything to us.

Fresh Organic Peruvian Ginger

This organic ginger has a rich, true ginger flavor with a unique character thanks to the ideal growing conditions.

We get fresh organic ginger from Peru every December. This photo is what we have received today.

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Thai Ceramic Handpainted Lotus Bowl

Handpainted unique and beautiful bowl imported from Thailand.

Known as a Lotus Bowl to reflect the shape of a lotus flower. Each bowl is smooth on the inside, with 6 separate petals on the outside and carefully rounded shape at the top.

SEE: Thai Ceramic Handpainted Lotus Bowl

Ginger Tea Recipe

Here's a tea thought to provide a wide range of general health benefits. The combination of fresh ginger, lemon and honey is not only refreshing & delicious but a natural way to improve your mood and overall well-being.

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Wood Handle Kiwi Round-Point Knife

The most popular Kiwi knife now has a wood handle. Made of attractive Thai hardwood, with stainless rivets.

Made in Thailand by Kiwi.

SEE: Wood Handle Kiwi Round-Point Knife

Thai Lychee

We just received a new shipment of the freshest canned lychee from Aroy-D, at ideal maturity using only the best lychee.

Aroy-D is so highly rated, their lychee is often presold and hard to find.

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Thai Snack Box Gift Update
Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update / Import...

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