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Bangkok Sidewalk Vendor Offers Pig Brain Soup, Samong Moo

Bangkok Sidewalk Vendor Offers Pig Brain Soup, Samong Moo

This vendor is part of our comprehensive report on the outstanding food finds in Bangkok's Saochingcha area.

Everything here is made totally from scratch, and they've been located here making excellent food for over 50 years. The fish balls are made by hand using three kinds of fish. The pork balls, crispy fish skin, and crispy meatballs are all made here using fresh ingredients. The food here is mainly Chinese/Thai "breakfast" food, they open early and close by 2:00 PM.

Samong Moo means "pig brain" in English. Pig brain is used to make the soup base, and pig brain is offered as one of the things to add to your soup. In the local tradition pig brain gives the human body good healthy energy in the morning but should not be eaten in the evening.

They promote the soup here as being so good that no condiments are needed to adjust the flavor. You can see the soup here cooking in a hot pot with lid, properly heated with charcoal.

As proudly displayed on the sign, this shop has the prestigious Shell Shuan Shim stamp of approval.

They are open from 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM Mon-Sat. Phone number is 02-221-7612.  See our free map!


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