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Thai Iced Coffee and Tea Vendors

Thai Iced Coffee and Tea Vendors

Thai iced tea has a unique flavor that many find irresistable. 

Here we highlight two different vendors in Bangkok who make authentic Thai iced tea and Thai iced coffee drinks, all for a far lower price than the international corporations. 

Street vendors here sell a drink for about $0.60 (sixty cents) whereas Starbucks in Thailand offers a variety of coffee drinks starting at US$3.00, going up to US$6.00 for a chocolate coffee concoction. 

At we offer the finest Thai Tea and Thai Coffee imported directly from Thailand. Checkout these links for step-by-step instructions:

How to Make Authentic Thai Iced Tea

How to Make Authentic Thai Coffee

Street Vendor Video: Thai Tea and Coffee

NEW Video:  Thai Iced Tea and Coffee Vendors

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