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Mango Sensation Pandan Sticky Rice at Swensen

Mango Sensation Pandan Sticky Rice at Swensen

This dessert from Swensen, a franchise with many locations in Thailand, is very popular. Called "Mango Sensation". Mango ice-cream with pandan sticky rice and diced fresh mango, topped with mango sauce, served with crispy coconut and almond. Decorated with Look-Choop (Thai style dessert in mango shape), served in a waffle cone. Sweetened coconut milk is poured over the top. All for about US$4.


Crystal Sticky Rice, 'Khao Neow Keaw'

Colorful green sticky rice has excellent sweet flavor, and heavenly aroma thanks to the pandan paste. Kids love sticky rice, and the color makes it a lot of fun. Also a party idea for St Patrick's Day.We saw this sticky rice as a topping for mango icecream at Dairy Queen Thailand

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