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Sour Curry Paste, Maesri, 4 oz can

Sour Curry Paste, Maesri, 4 oz can
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Used to make sour curry soup. The main ingredient for many Thai sour soups found in our recipe section. Maesri Brand is recognized in Thailand as a high quality export product with rich taste and authentic flavor.

Ingredients: dried chile 30%, onion 22%, barracuda fish 20%, tamarind juice 20%, sugar 4%, salt 4%.

Product of Thailand.


Thai Sweet & Sour Chicken Soup, 'Kaeng Som Gai'

This is a variant of kaeng som, which is a popular fish soup that is quite common in Thailand. Keang som is quite sour, and this dish has been given a degree of sweetness in keeping with making it from chicken.

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