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Thai Yellow Curry Paste - Aroy-D - Mae Ploy


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Yellow curry paste, AROY-D Brand, 14 oz

Customers love the flavor of yellow curry (see recipe for Thai yellow curry chicken). The flavor of yellow curry is inspired by Indian food, and uses fewer whole dried chiles so it has less spicy heat.

This is a 'gourmet' yellow curry well-nown Aroy-D. It's likely better than anything you can make at home using a mortar and pestle (see video below on how it's made).

You get one 14 oz sealed package, enough Thai curry to feed two dozen people. We like the rich, fresh flavor, we can taste the difference between this brand and Mae Ploy and Maesri yellow curry paste. Taste is complex and heavier to the natural herbs, as only the best all natural ingredients are used.

Ingredients: dried red chile, garlic, shallot, lemongrass, salt, galangal, turmeric, cumin seed, coriander seed. Product of Thailand.'s curry paste is recommended by Mark Bittman (New York Times).


Yellow curry paste, Mae Ploy brand, 14 oz

We also offer yellow curry paste in the well-known Mae Ploy brand, recognized in Thailand as a high quality export product with rich taste and authentic flavor.

Many Thai restaurants use Mae Ploy, a mass-produced curry paste with consistent flavor. It's packed in a convenient plastic tub with tighly sealed lid, and the price is very affordable (half the cost of Hand Brand when considering the weight). This is an authentic Thai curry paste, not to be confused with less-tasty "readymade" Thai curry in jars or pouches that already have coconut milk mixed in.

Ingredients: garlic, lemongrass, shallot, dried red chile, salt, galanga, cumin, cinnamon, star anise, turmeric, kaffir lime peel, coriander seed. Product of Thailand.

Customer Testimonial, from Marlene in Albuquerque NM: I wanted to write you an aside to my previous e-mail about my love for this product.  Last year, I tipped the scales at 230 pounds.  I am only 5'3 and was quite round at that point.  I joined Weight Watchers and at the first meeting, we were given information and recipes to get us started.  The first recipe in our greeting packet is called "Garden Vegetable" soup.  It has no points value whatsoever and can therefore be consumed at will and in great quantity if desired.  It is comprised entirely of water-based (i.e., non-starchy) vegetables and fat-free chicken broth with spices and tomato paste, etc.  I call it "Pointless" soup.  It has been the mainstay of my weight loss (40 pounds so far).  Now this soup has always been delicious but one day I got the great idea to put some leftover curry paste (from another company) in it.  OH MY GOD!  I now eat it every day, sometimes twice when I'm extra hungry, with your company's curry paste in it and now I'm losing weight faster and easier than ever.  So - in addition to the delicious taste of my soup, my health, my looks and certainly my attitude have improved even more dramatically.  This is by way of saying I'm so glad you carry this product.  I bought one 14-oz. container of it and just hoovered it down, so I'm now buying 3 at a time!  Thanks again.  I'm your HUGE fan!

Followup: Hi guys. This is your testimonial gal, Marlene, writing another love letter. I have now lost 55 (count 'em, 55) pounds eating the soup I make with your fantastic yellow curry paste. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for carrying this wonderful curry.



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The flavor of yellow curry paste is not much different than red or green, however we've recently discovered how much we like yellow curry. Yellow curry makes vegetables taste great in our opinion, and we've been eating more vegetables and less meat these days. Here is a basic Thai yellow curry with chicken and potato. It's also good with bell pepper, butternut squash, or any seasonal vegetable of your choice. Serve a generous portion and watch it disappear.



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Video: How to Make Thai Curry Paste from Scratch


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