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Bulk Pack 30 Mama brand, Tom Yum Pork Noodles

Bulk Pack 30 Mama brand, Tom Yum Pork Noodles
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Bulk Pack of 30 Mama Tom Yum Pork Noodles, brand new stock, at $19.55 this is about half off while supplies last.

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This is a tasty plain pork noodles from Mama, known in Thai as 'moo sap' with tom yum flavor.

Place noodles in a bowl, add 1.5 cups water, cover and wait three minutes, serve. We added sliced pork, see below; a simple and filling meal.

Every package comes with three different spice packets. Just add boiling hot water to the noodles and spices, cover and set for a few minutes.

Ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, salt, sugar, cmc, garlic, pepper, msg, dried leek, artificial pork flavor.

Product of Thailand.


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