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Thai Tapioca Pearl, 12 oz

Thai Tapioca Pearl, 12 oz
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Tapioca pearls are the essential ingredients in bubble tea, also known as pearl tea and boba tea. These are "size large", perfect for making bubble tea.

After cooking they become marble-sized balls. See this link for complete instructions on how to use our tapioca pearls to create a wonderful tea beverage.

A healthy, natural delcious food. Ingedients: tapioca. No artificial ingredients.

Product of Thailand.

We also offer small tapioca pearl.



Thai-Style Bubble Tea

The delicious beverage that involves drinking tea and sucking tapioca pearls through a wide straw: Bubble Tea (also known as Pearl Tea) is fast-becoming an American sensation. Our Thai-inspired version is outstanding.We also offer traditional Thai icetea, click here

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