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Street Vendor: Pla Dook Foo

  • In this video, a sidewalk chef prepares local freshwater fish in a unique way that is sometimes translated as "Cotton Fish Salad". Prepared in this simple, unique style, the fish puffs up like cotton. In Thai the translation: pla = fish; dook = freshwater fish species similar to catfish (but catfish in Thai is pla chon, so dook is distinctly different); foo = puff up. For making this at home, use catfish for excellent results, but we like using local trout. We've also made this with canned tuna fish (drained well), which tastes great. See our recipe for Pla Dook Foo. Also, see our feature story on this vendor, and how to find her shop in Kanchanaburi. We hope you might try making this at home. enjoy this video and take the time to leave a comment below.

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