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Fourth of July Sale at ImportFood

Hello and Happy Fourth of July! We feature a summer popsicle stand using the 'Ancient'  popsicle maker from Thailand, more fresh black peppercorn, a delicious steak using Thai ingredients that simply highlights the natural beef flavor, and Aroy-D Green Curry Paste one day sale for $2 only  Thanks for visiting!

Fourth of July Sale - $80 Off ! Thai Popsicle Maker

Our son and his friend recently setup a summer popsicle stand, a small source of income, lots of fun creating the popsicles and talking about the interesting 'Ancient' style popsicle maker on display.

Fresh, hand-poured, home-made popsicles are a rare sight in Thailand these days, and we've certainly never an ancient-style Thai popsicle maker in USA. We've imported some of these for the summer season, they're fully-functional and ready to use. 

SEE: $80 Off ! Thai Popsicle Maker

Fresh Black Peppercorn

One of the most delightful products we've ever offered, a customer recently said our black peppercorn is totally unlike any black pepper she's ever had.  

So fresh and full of flavor.  Now a pack of five for just $10.

SEE: Fresh Black Peppercorn

NEW RECIPE: Thai Pan-Fried Steak

Oyster sauce and fish sauce are key ingredients but the finished steak doesn't have a hint of Asian flavors -- just a lovely slight sweet garlic glaze and the rich flavor of beef. 

SEE: Thai Pan-Fried Steak

Fourth of July Sale - Aroy-D Green Curry Paste

Brand new fresh stock and we are offering $2 per package which is well under our cost, one day only.  Please limit to 6 per order

SEE: Aroy-D Green Curry Paste $2 One Day Sale

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