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Fresh Hawaiian Ginger Update / ImportFood

Hello Again!  This week we have beautiful fresh Hawaiian ginger that was harvested just today.  It only comes to the market once or twice a year. Fresh lemongrass looks very good too, and we feature a few recipes using young ginger.  Thanks for your support!

Fresh Hawaiian Ginger

This special young ginger from Hawaii is harvested once a year in the late fall, and this year we have very little to offer. 

Unique ginger is harvested before full maturity, so it's soft and you can eat it -- unlike woody ginger typically found in supermarkets. This is what Japanese use for sushi ginger. Great flavor.

Immediate shipment via 2 Day. Just get your order in right away, and we will get it prepared.

SEE: Fresh Hawaiian Ginger

Fresh Lemongrass

We have very nice lemongrass this week.  Nice fresh white tips and medium size stalks.

SEE: Fresh Lemongrass

Thai Kee Mao Chicken

Made with our Hawaiian ginger for the greatest result.  This is our new, slightly less-spicy version of our original kee mao recipe.

We like using dark thick soy sauce to give the chicken a darker color as shown.

This has a touch of MSG which is optional but recommended here to get the optimal flavor.

SEE: Thai Kee Mao Chicken

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
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