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Thai Fresh Lemongrass - Chilli Update / ImportFood

Hello again and welcome back to our blog.  We just got some very nice, new harvest fresh lemongrass and a small amount of fresh red Thai chilli peppers.  Shark Sriracha is back in stock (strong and medium) and our Kiwi knives have been selling like hot cakes. 

Fresh Lemongrass and Red Thai Chilli Peppers

Good quality new harvest lemongrass is ready to ship, and we will include a free batch of fresh red Thai chilli peppers with every order.  

At $16.95 this is a great deal.

SEE: Fresh Lemongrass and Red Thai Chilli Peppers

Free Handful of Red Thai Chilli w/Fresh Lemongrass

As mentioned above, if you order our Fresh Lemongrass today we will include a handful of new crop, high-heat, fresh red chilli peppers (which have been in short supply for weeks).

SEE: Fresh Lemongrass and Red Thai Chilli Peppers

Thai Sriracha - Shark Brand

Shark, an original Sriracha from Thailand, is selling quickly now especially due to American producer Huy Fong unable to manufacture sriracha this summer.

Sriracha is a bold condiment sauce made of fresh red Thai chile peppers. 

Shark is our favorite sriracha sauce because it's an original classic that's been sold for years in Thailand. Not just a spicy dipping sauce, Sriracha is often an ingredient in Thai recipes.

Nice large glass bottle.

SEE: Thai Sriracha - Shark Brand

Fresh Kaffir Limes

New crop just harvested last week.  Thinly-sliced, these are an excellent substitute for the kaffir lime leaves. Kaffir lime peel is also indispensable when making your own Thai curry paste.

You get 10 fresh limes and we upgrade shipping of all orders to Express 2 Day.

SEE: Fresh Kaffir Limes

Fresh Shallots

Great Deal for these very fresh shallots. Shown here on the plate is 12oz, less than the 16oz we ship with each order.

Grown in Oregon in excellent climate, and shipped all over the world (notably Japan and Korea -- prized for the high quality). These are export quality and could not be fresher, as they were just harvested.

SEE: Fresh Shallots

Kiwi Thailand Knives

Not sure why but the last few weeks has seen strong demand for our Kiwi knives and we have plenty to offer.  

The stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and strong yet light. The hard plastic handle on smaller knives not only feels great, it seems to be aircraft-grade plastic seamlessly molded to the blade for literally decades of use. On the larger knives, the blades are slightly heavier, with hardwood handles and brass rivets.

SEE: Kiwi Thailand Knives

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