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July Recipe Update & Flat Rate Shipping

Hello again and welcome back. Today we introduce a new Thai recipe using fresh turmeric, we have Mama duck and tom yum creamy noodles back in stock, and new Koh Kae wasabi peas.  $5 flat rate shipping for 2 days only.  Thanks for checking out our newest features!

New Thai Recipe - Turmeric Noodles

We used large pieces of fresh turmeric from Fiji for this recipe, creating a healthy noodle dish with lovely yellow color.

SEE: New Thai Recipe - Turmeric Noodles

Fresh Large Turmeric From Fiji

Here's our new large fresh turmeric from Fiji, perfect for making the new Turmeric Noodles recipe. Our product description has photos of Hawaiian turmeric but we are shipping larger pieces from Fiji this week as shown here.

SEE: Fresh Large Turmeric - Fiji

NEW - Wasabi Green Peas from Koh Kae

Wasabi peas have an addictive flavor and they're hard to put down. These are enjoyed throughout Thailand especially in recent years, as Thais enjoy the high heat of wasabi.

This snack has a strong wasabi flavor, not mild, so get ready.

Made by famous Koh Kae which is an old, established food company in Thailand known for very high quality and good taste.

SEE: Wasabi Green Peas from Koh Kae

Back in Stock - Mama Tom Yum Shrimp Creamy

Brand new shipment. Here the tom yum is "creamy" which means that coconut cream powder was added to the mix, along with tapioca as a thickener. The flavor is a bit less spicy also. We love tom yum with a spoonful of coconut milk added (in Thai this is called "sai nam khom"). The coconut milk adds a lovely new dimension. If you like Mama noodles, you'll love creamy tom yum.

SEE: Mama Tom Yum Shrimp Creamy

Back in Stock - Mama Pa Lo Duck

Duck flavor is a family favorite, with gentle broth flavor of anise and cinnamon. Every bowl is devoured quickly. See below our delicious version topped with sliced barbecue pork.

Every package comes with three different spice packets. Just add boiling hot water to the noodles and spices, cover and set for a few minutes.

SEE: Mama Pa Lo Duck

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