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Fresh Thai Basil Update / ImportFood

Today we have freshly-harvested Thai Basil to offer, a large bundle for a great price delivered via 2 Day with immediate shipment.  Order now and we will have it out to you immediately.  

Fresh Thai Basil - New Harvest

Just received hours ago from the field, and ready to ship.  

Ideal, large leaves and fragrant aroma. Excellent quality fresh Thai basil via 2 Day Express. You get a large bundle, approximately 14 oz.

Thai basil has a unique flavor unlike traditional basil. This is "Horapa" (sweet basil).

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Authentic Thai Recipe: Squid Pad Ki Mao

Squid Kee Mao is a popular dish served throughout Thailand and it should be served with a high level of chile heat, as we make it here. Use plenty of fresh Thai chile peppers.

For this we use butter to fry the paste, rather than vegetable oil, but you can use either.

Use Fresh Thai Basil as we did here.

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NEW: Thai Lays Potato Chips, Charcoal Grilled Chicken and Somtum

Here's a new flavor we just got from Lays Thailand - Charcoal Grilled Chicken and Somtum.

Flavor is well balanced, a bit of barbecue mixed with papaya salad. Definitely unique, a snack with subtle Thai flavors.

SEE: Thai Lays Potato Chips, Charcoal Grilled Chicken and Somtum

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
April Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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