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May Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update / ImportFood

Hello Again - Welcome Back! Today we have several updates, special offers and a chance to get $5 flat rate shipping on some really great fresh crop jasmine rice that's already 40% off for newsletter readers. Check it out --

Thai Jasmine Rice - New Crop $10 for 10# - Royal Umbrella

Usually wholesale prices for new crop rice, which hits the market every year in January, drops off by April or May. No such luck this year, despite plenty of supply wholesale prices are really firm. What do we do for you when prices are so strong? The very best product for 40% off.  For newsletter readers only, three days only.  Pick up a bag with $5 flat rate shipping. 

SEE: Thai Jasmine Rice $10 for 10#

Black Peppercorn - Fresh Harvest

We've been busy keeping up with orders for our very high quality, hand-picked and quickly shipped black peppercorns. Fresher taste than you've likely ever experienced.  We're all caught up now and have  a bit more to offer.

SEE: Black Peppercorn - Fresh Harvest

 Back in Stock: Pickled Burmese Tea Leaves

Culinary literature about Burmese foods always focuses on the wonderful, very unique taste of their pickled tea leaf salad. Once again we can offer these ingredients prepared in the traditional way.

The combination of flavors is a special treat you unlike anything you've tried. See product and recipe at this link - 

SEE: Pickled Burmese Tea Leaves, Yuzana

Back in Stock: Fried Baby Clam w/Chilli

Has been out of stock for a long time.  Fresh shipment just arrived.  Eat as a snack, alone or with steamed jasmine rice.

The clams are cooked, and spiced with Thai chili peppers. This is a delicious snack food in Thailand 

SEE: Fried Baby Clam w/Chilli

Fresh Thai Basil Bouquet / Mother's Day Update
New Fresh Harvest Black Pepper / ImportFood

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