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More Fresh Hawaiian Ginger / ImportFood

Hello and welcome back.  Two weeks ago we sold out of fresh Hawaiian ginger quickly. Today we have another batch to offer our newsletter readers.  Order now and we will ship immediately via Priority Mail for delivery Friday/Saturday.  

Fresh Hawaiian Ginger - Just Harvested

Young ginger from Hawaii harvested once a year, and we have very little to offer. This is likely the last week we will have it until next season.

Immediate shipment via 2 Day shipping. These are large white roots with pink tips. Soft 'Young' ginger harvested before full maturity, so it's soft and you can eat it -- unlike woody ginger typically found in supermarkets. This is what Japanese use for sushi ginger. Great flavor.

SEE: Fresh Hawaiian Ginger - Just Harvested

Thai Chilli Garlic Udon Soup

This simple soup will taste excellent with shredded fresh ginger on top.

Enjoy this healthy soup using udon noodles, which have become very popular in Thai cuisine.

SEE: Thai Chilli Garlic Udon Soup

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