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Thai Noodle Update /

Thai instant noodles are most delicious and one of our longstanding top sellers.  We're offering bulk packs at half price while supplies last, this is a great deal for our newsletter readers.

Tom Yum Shrimp - Half Price Bulk Pack

Get half price on our best selling Mama brand instant noodles.

These noodles are delicious, authentic Thai piquant tom yum shrimp flavor, and easy to prepare. Hot and spicy.

SEE: Tom Yum Shrimp - Half Price Bulk Pack

Chan Tom Yum - Half Price Bulk Pack

Here we have a fairly new style of Mama, made using premium chantaboon rice stick noodles. 

One bowl can fill you up, and the tom yum flavor is just as you might hope for--a lovely combination of sour & spicy.

SEE: Chan Tom Yum - Half Price Bulk Pack

Namtok - Half Price Bulk Pack

Namtok instant noodles have a dark rich smoky broth, and it's not extremely spicy like other Mama noodles. 

Add thinly sliced pork or beef, along with fresh cilantro, to make a more substantial meal.

SEE: Namtok Half Price Bulk Pack

Lobo - Thai Sweet and Sour

Modern Thai flavor from famous brand Lobo. The package contains a recipe for sweet and sour chicken, 

We prepared this at home and show how it was done.  Simple and delicious.

SEE: Lobo - Thai Sweet and Sour

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