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Thai Fish Cake Recipe and Red Chilli Update / ImportFood

Today we received a shipment of beautiful fresh Red Thai Chilli peppers, with striking heat and they were just harvested.  We see these every winter and they're really good.

We also have not one but two new Thai recipes to share: Fish Cakes, and Squid Ki Mao.

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NEW: Fresh Red Thai Chilli - Winter Harvest

We just today received these perfectly beautiful fresh red Thai chillies, grown in Mexico. The color is a a bright red, and the lively green stems indicate the freshness (less than a week since harvested.

That is an 8" plate, each chilli pepper is nice and small.

Flavor is a nice and strong, not weak, with slight fruity notes at first followed by a true, strong Thai chilli heat. These are perfect for any use when calling for fresh red chillies.

SEE: Fresh Red Thai Chilli - Winter Harvest

NEW Recipe: Squid Pad Ki Mao

Squid Kee Mao is a popular dish served throughout Thailand and it should be served with a high level of chile heat, as we make it here. Use plenty of fresh Thai chile peppers.

For this we use butter to fry the paste, rather than vegetable oil, but you can use either.

SEE: Squid Pad Ki Mao

NEW Recipe: Spicy Thai Fish Cakes

Tod man pla is one of the most famous Thai dishes but seems to be rarely offered on the menus of Thai restaurants in the United States. We're happy to show you how to make it, step-by-step, with great results.

Here we just used cod pieces which can found at local supermarkets.

SEE: Spicy Thai Fish Cakes

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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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